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In Pakistan the province of Sindh is very well known for its tasty food offering. Not only food savors the traditional norms of the Sindhi culture but is also nutritious and satisfying. The province of Sindh is equally famous for a variety of well-prepared desserts, which is readily consume at most occasions celebrated in the province. Whether it’s the trenching heat of the summer or the cool surroundings of the winters, Sindhi desserts are prepared for all seasons and events. From general house made desserts to the various form of desserts used in parties and functions, the Sindhi Desserts are destined to tease the taste-buds of a person.

The most famous Sindhi dessert, which is mostly consumed in summers, is the hand made Ice cream. These ice creams are specially prepared using seasonal fruits and flavors. The most famous ice cream is the Mango ice cream, which not only taste great but also is also available at reasonable prices at the local ice-cream shops.

Another yummy Sindhi dessert, which is a summer season most wanted, is the Faluda. A dessert item, which consists of spaghetti, ice cream, crushed ice, fruits such as pineapples and peaches and cold milk. The blend of these ingredients results in a chilled dessert, which is well liked by both children and adult.

Speaking of Sindhi customs the dessert item, which is used in all season and are readily munch through in occasions such as weddings and festivals is the mouth watering Rasmalai. This dessert item is prepared using fresh milk, eggs, baking powder, sugar and dry fruits. It is generally served chilled and is one of the most like dessert. Gulab Jaman and Barfi is the local “methai”, which is served in the vicinity and is also very famous in other region of the country. It is made using “Ghee”, “Sugar”, and “Syrups”. The desserts can be served sizzling hot or chilled so this uniqueness of the dessert makes it a popular eatery in both summer and winter season.

The talk about Sindhi desserts is not justified without mentioning the flavorsome Desi-hulwas these are prepared in fresh ghee and can be served hot or cold. Gajar Ka Halwa is a popular dessert item that is well liked by the people of the province. Sujji Ka Halva is readily made and is locally valued to a great extent.

Beside these there are many other appetizing, tempting delicious desserts offering from the province of Sindh, which include but is not limited to Shahi Tukray made out of bread, sugar and milk with seasonal dry fruits, Sheer Khurma and a popular dessert made of carrots, milk and sugar called, Gajrella.

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