Sindhi cuisine has an abundance of foods. They have complete course meals, and some parts of the cuisine are plentiful. As an example, this refers to the fact that there are so many kinds of sweet dishes that could be used as desserts. However, it can also be asserted that there are a great deal of main course meals and snacks as well. Some of these are given below.

Dodo chutney is a Millet-flour kneaded food. It has spices mixed with it, and is cooked unleavened. Usually, it is cooked on a skillet and consumed best with garlic-based mint chutney.

Seyal Pallo is cooked in a base made of onions and tomatoes. It is consumed best with chapati. However, there are only few people who can cook this dish the way it should be cooked. Since the fish used in this dish is rich in oil, you need to be careful about how much oil you add when cooking it. Otherwise, the gravy becomes way too oily.

Seyal Dabroti Bread or chapati is cooked in a base mixture of garlic, coriander and tomatoes. It is a breakfast item. It can also be cooked in onions and tomato as well, which would be the more traditional way to cook it in Sindhi cuisine.

Lolo is wheat dough that has a little salt added in it. It has a small amount of sugar syrup added into the flour that has to be kneaded with butter or ghee. The mass is then cooked on a skillet slowly. Lolos when cooked would be around a quarter of an inch in thickness.

Meethi Aloo. To make this dish, you need to combine hot chili peppers, garlic, and fennel leaves (fresh or dry). With these ingredients, you can easily convert a simple potato into a curry to be consumed with puri, chapati, rice or bread.

In Sindhi cuisine, you will find several dishes that have unique recipes such as the ones above.


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