Here are some of the most popular Senegalese recipes: The ceebu yapp (rice and meat), not as tasty, should also be tasted. It is composed of cooked beef meat and served with rice and generally a onion sauce on the side. The version with smoked fish and the niébé(ceebu ketiakh) may even surprise you more. The mafé, generally prepared with meat, is a dish with its thick sauce made of peanut paste. Its composition makes it a heavy dish hard to digest, but its taste is normally appreciated. The thiou is characterized by a sauce light and rich with vegetables, often prepared with palm oil (thiou tir) its taste is very special. The kaldou, a dish originating in casamance, lighter and more digestive, because it is lower in oil and the sauce is lemon-flavored. Prepared with fish, and eaten with rice.


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