The Senegalese cuisine is varied and flexible. Rice with fish, sorghum porridge, or grits with milk constitute most of the Senegalese midday meals. For dinner traditional homes prefer stewed meat in a sauce over sorghum couscous or fried fish. Breakfast is reserved for tea, milk, and butter. In rural areas, breakfast still consists of leftovers from the previous night's dinner, or porridge with milk. Cooked rice is one of the most widespread dishes in Senegal, accompanied by fish and vegetables and different sauce types. Cooked rice is considered to be a national dish, together with peanut butter sauce over steamed rice. Beverages usually include soft drinks made out of fruits such as mango, the fruit of a rubber tree, the fruit of the baobab tree, etc., or the industrially made pop drinks. Red sorrel leaves are the main ingredients for the local soft drink, which also bears the name of 'Senegalese Red Vine'. Other beverages may include kola nuts – kolas are excellent for digestion and they also share some symbolic values related to celebrations.


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