There are various snacks that you can find in the Saudi Arabian Cuisine. Some of them are traditionally made out of dates and milk, some with their famous Arab pita bread and so on. To a Saudi Arabian man or woman, entertaining in not only joyous, but considered honourable to have guests at their tables. Some of the best snacks available in the Saudi Arabian cuisine are Baklava; this is a great and very tasty snack. Mashed potato with Tahini is a very famous snack that you can find in the Saudi Arabian cuisine. Arabic Cardamom Shortbread (Gorayba) is also a very popular Saudi Arabian snack. One of the most popular Saudi Arabian snacks that you can find world over now due to its popularity is the Shawerma. Red or white meat is rolled in pita bread with spices and vegetables served as a topping for this scrumptious snack.

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