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Breakfast with Sapsago Cheese


1 - 4oz. cone of Sapsago Cheese

Eggs, free range, or organic: (2 per serving)

Bread, Wheat Berry, or whole grain: (2 slices per serving)

1 - half pint of Half+Half

Fresh ground black pepper

Directions: In a sauce pan, heat your half+half up over medium heat. Stir well while it is heating up to prevent scorching. Add fresh ground black pepper to your taste. While the half+half is heating, toast your slices of bread, ( I reccommend a good Wheat Bread). Being careful not to break the yolks, gently crack your eggs into the sauce pan. Ladle the half+half over the tops of the eggs until you see the yolks turn a soft pink color shade. With a serrated spoon, lift the eggs individually onto each slice of toast. Grate a teaspoon amount of Sapsago cheese over each egg, and then serve hot.

Note: You will not need to salt the eggs as the Sapsago should season the eggs just fine.

In place of the blck pepper, try using fresh ground pink peppercorns.

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