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This area is as famous as the other categories that include St. Lucian delicacies. Some of the St. Lucia’s recipes are: baked stuffed breadfruit with pepper and salt, minced ham and meat, tomatoes, onions, garlic, butter, chives, and cooking oil; greenfig salad with lime, sweet peppers, green bananas, onions, eggs, oil, mayonnaise, pepper, and salt; plantains with bread crumbs, peanut butter, eggs, salt, milk, onions, and celery; petit Piton with minced meat, onions and garlic, parsley, celery, fresh vegetables, potatoes, marjoram, and celery salt; kingfish, flying fish, tona, dolphin, salt fish; canaoui or fish treat with green figs, carrots, green peas, celery, parsley, lime juice, garlic, vinegar, mint, salt, and water.


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