The meat dishes in the Rwandan cuisine are very varied. Rwandans who live in rural areas rarely eat meat. Some families have cattle, but since cattle are considered a status symbol, people seldom slaughter them for meat. Many Rwandans in rural areas eat meat only once or twice a month and some Rwandan children suffer from protein deficiency. In urban areas meat is more plentiful. The most popular meats are beef and chicken. People who live near lakes may catch and eat fish. Tilapia and sambaza are raised on fish farms. The meats used are lamb, game (venison, ostrich, and impala) and fish (crayfish, prawns, tuna, mussels, oysters, mackerel and lobster). Outside influences have enriched the Rwandans cuisine with such dishes as pickled fish, curry-marinated pork, lamb kebabs or different fish stews.

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