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Most Russian soups are quite light because the main course is usually very nutritious, and a dense soup would lower the appetite for the main dish. Thicker, more consistent soups, like Zeleny Schi or Schi with Schavel, Kapusta or Russian Lenten Pokhlebka are often served when the main meal is lighter. Refreshing soups such as the noodle soup or borsch are also popular. Some spices are use, depending on the soup type – pepper, salt, paprika, parsley. Here are some more traditional Russian soup types:

  • Bozbash
  • Horseraddish soup
  • Zelyonye Schi
  • Vegetable Borsch
  • Vegetable Okroshka
  • Egg soup
  • Letnie Schi (Summer Schi)
  • Hearty Bean and Pasta Soup
  • Russian Borstch
  • Borsch Kievsky
  • Lentil Soup
  • Golubtsy

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