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Russian meat dishes are very numerous and they come from all of Russia’s regions. We have selected some of the most popular Russian meat dishes, listed below:

  • Roast lamb leg with artichokes
  • Ham in the dough
  • Baked Chicken Breasts
  • Russian Roast
  • Duck with Apples
  • Fried Turkey
  • Chicken with Rice
  • "Svitanak" (Chicken Kotlety from Byelorussian cuisine)
  • Chicken with prunes
  • Kotmis Satsivi (Roast Chicken with Walnut Sauce)
  • Bisquick Chicken
  • Tabaka - Flattened Chicken
  • Fish Colbasa
  • Chicken Gorky
  • Tsyplionok Tabaka
  • Khinkali
  • Russian Zharkoye
  • Caucasian Shashlyk
  • Potato Zrazy

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