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Two soups that are very popular among the people of Rajasthan are Mulligatawny (Curry soup) and Mysore Rasam (Lentil soup) these soups are popular world over as well, but of course made in different styles according to specific regions and states. There are many other soups and stews made in the cuisine of Rajasthan. In the cuisine of Rajasthan, the traditional Rajasthani meal is usually not comprised of various main meal courses, from appetizers, salads to soups every food item is served at the same time in the traditional manner, with the exception of the desserts. Rajasthanis love their traditional soups and there are some great soup recipes in the cuisine of Rajasthan. If you are health conscious and are taking care of your diet then the Rajasthani soups are a great choice for a light meal. These soups are extremely nutritious and easy to prepare and do not require for you to have any special tact for them to prepare and they will certainly not take up a lot of your time in their preparation.

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