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In the cuisine of Rajasthan, two salads precede all other salads in the Rajasthani cuisine. These two popular salads in the Rajasthani cuisine are: Kachumber (Tomato & cucumber salad) and the Rajma Chana Salat (Kidney bean & chickpea salad). In the cuisine of Rajasthan the salads that can be found in the cuisine make up a very vital part of the traditional Rajasthani meal. There is an incredible variety of fresh vegetable and fruits that lend themselves to the vast variety of salads that are available in the cuisine of Rajasthan. Salads commonly accompany the main course meals in the cuisine. There are some fresh traditional salads as well as some sophisticated salads that would require you to cook them. The cooked salads in the cuisine of Rajasthan can sometimes make a light main course meal in themselves. The preparation of these salads are quite easy, the ingredients are readily available in any departmental store and they are extremely scrumptious and make a great delight to serve before the main course meal or along with it.

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