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There are not many meat dishes in the cuisine of Rajasthan. However, traditionally most of the lunch meals that are served in the region usually consist of some kind of a meat, which can be chicken, pork, lamb, or fish. Rice, beans and a side portion of salad usually accompanies the meat dishes in the Rajasthan. A popular meat dish would be an extremely popular lunch meal and is a combination of chicken, plain white rice and red beans. The recipe to most meat dishes are readily available world wide and are made in a true delectable manner. The most common meat dishes in the region do not require any special tact, just following the meat dish recipe will bring about great results to your Rajasthani cuisine. Some of the most popular Rajasthani meat dishes that you will find in the cuisine of Rajasthan are: Baffat (Goa pork curry), Biryani (Layered meat & rice dishes), Dhansak (Lamb and lentil stew), Husaini Kabob (Grilled skewered lamb) Moghlai Kabob, (Ground spiced lamb skewers) Rogan Josh (Lamb in spiced cream sauce), Shahi Korma (Indian lamb in a creamy nut sauce), and the famous Vindaloo (Vinegary pork dish).

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