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There are many delicious desserts in the cuisine of Rajasthan. A few of the popular ones are: Balushahi (Fried dough in syrup), Barfi (Nut sweets) Gajar Halva (Carrot pudding), Gulab Jamun (Fried cheese balls in syrup), Jalebi (Deep-fried dough with sugar syrup), Kheer (Sweet porridge), Paan (Betelnut leaf digestif) and the infamous Rasmalai (Sweetened cheese balls. Many of the desserts in the cuisine of Rajasthan are made from fresh fruits, dry fruits like peanuts, raisins, pistachios etc. Sugar cane juice is a well-known ingredient in most of the dessert recipes of Rajasthan. The desserts are easy to make and do not require any special skill. Many of the lip-licking desserts in the cuisine of Rajasthan are quite popular among the people of Rajasthan. Though the preparation of most of the Rajasthan desserts might be easy and trouble-free to prepare yet the delicacy of each Rajasthani dessert is remarkable.

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