Vegeterian Recipes from the state of Punjab, India.

Punjabi cuisine consists of several different kinds of food. It is very common to have a bunch of meat-based dishes at the time of festivals. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any vegetarian dishes. Punjabi cuisine has a few vegetarian dishes as well, and they are all a delight to try out.

Common dishes from Punjabi cuisine include lentils. They are of various types and have different flavors. Maash daal is considered to be one of the best lentils to cook. In addition this, there is massoor, moong, etc. They are all generally cooked the same way. However, they are not cooked in just one way. Each daal may be used to make kababs as well. You may also make use of the daal to make a mixture, which could be cooked as a regular form or even in the form of kababs, etc.

Other vegetarian dishes in Punjabi cuisine would include cooking fresh vegetables. Some of the vegetables cooked include okra, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, tori, etc. These make interesting dishes, and each vegetable has its own particular taste. One of the dishes that should be mentioned here is bitter gaud. This vegetable is cooked in a number of ways. It can be cooked as a curry or could be fried using a filling. Often, minced meat is used as a filling. However, there is other stuffing that could be used too. You may also be innovative with cooking vegetarian dishes.

Another interesting dish that is non-meat based, and that is made of gram flour, is Dahi karee. This is a simple dish, but is tasty and filling as well. Indeed, it is a favorite of all those who try it, and it might be a must to try as well. Those who are not passionate about vegetarian dishes as well have been known to take to this dish in Punjabi cuisine.

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