In Punjabi cuisine, there are a variety of dishes that you can try, and some of the snacks are quite delicious. Some of these snacks are available right through the year, while others are available mostly at festival times. Indeed, all of them are worth trying, as they will leave a special taste in your mouth.

One of the snacks that is popular in Punjabi cuisine include pakoras. These are made from gram flour basically, and may have their centers filled with large chilies, potatoes or even onion. Some people even use large spinach leaves. Basically, the gram flour used is in the form of a paste, and the other ingredients like chilies and potatoes are dipped in them, and fried. The mixture is then fired in oil, and drained.

Another tasty snack are jalaibees. These are very sweet, but nevertheless are consumed in large amounts. This is because of the taste that one finds him or herself attracted to quite easily.

Halwa poori that is usually a breakfast item is a great snack too. If had in a significant amount can make up an entire meal. However, it is not had in large amounts or as a main course. It is quite an oily dish, but is also a very delicious one.

Kababs are also a nice dish that can be had as a snack. It can be had alongside main course meals, but are also great snacks to take on outdoor outings.

Another fried snack that is most common is the samossa. These are normally triangular in shape. They are usually stuffed with potato or mince meat or even vegetables. This snack is available throughout the year. It is a very popular snack that is available throughout the country as well, and is a very common teatime snack.

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