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Punjabi foods are seldom consumed alone. This means that they are not consumed with a little extra something to keep your food company. Just like salads are popular in other parts of the world, so are they in Punjabi cuisine. Salads are important for more than one reason.

In Punjabi cuisine, it is said that salads are important because they provide a refreshing taste to the food you eat. They are usually crisp and consist of fresh vegetables. These vegetables are an importance source of nutrition, and they provide various vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health.

In addition to fresh vegetables in salads, there are other types of salads that are used in Punjabi cuisine. This refers to the use of curd in the form Raita. Raitas are different kinds are produced as salads for Punjabi cuisine. Raita tends to be quite common, and may have different tastes depending on what kinds of spices and vegetables are added to it.

Sometimes raita may be extremely spicy and loaded with chilies. Sometimes, it may be almost plain with a few chopped tomatoes and onions added into it. However, some raitas have a mixture of various things in it, ranging from vegetables to spices.

In addition raitas having a variety of ingredients added to it, it may also be consumed in its plain form along with foods. Curd on its own may be used along with Punjabi foods of various kinds. Aside from using curd or whole salads made of fresh vegetables, plain onions are common with lemon sprinkled on it. Sometimes, green chilies and coriander are added to plain onions, and this is also a preferred delight to have along with Punjabi main course meals. It must be emphasized that generally these kinds of salads can be consumed with almost any main course Punjabi meal.

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