Punjabi cuisine has some of the best recipes. These are not difficult to follow, but have significant methods to follow. It is methods in these recipes that are just as important as the ingredients in them.

There are recipes to all the dishes in Punjabi cuisine. Even small dishes such as the making of kababs have recipes, as they are not cooked products that have ingredients thrown together.

A recipe for making kababs would include having on hand beef, chicken or mutton. It would also require you to have green chilies, onions, mint leaves and coriander leaves. In addition to this, you require eggs and oil to fry them. However, those are required later when the kababs are ready for frying. The ingredients need to be mixed in their correct proportions after the meat used is boiled and flavored with salt according to taste. The whole lots of the ingredients are mixed together generally, and are then fried.

A recipe like biryani is also one that has proportions of vital ingredients mentioned along with the methodical process. It is certainly a more complex dish to cook in comparison with kababs. Generally, the rice of the biryani is prepared separately with a few spices to flavor it. Normally, boiling the rice in a boiling vessel and adding cinnamon, cloves, etc. to it completes the process. The rice is boiled and strained, and kept aside. The other part of the dish consists of cooking the meat with its ingredients. Once this is ready, the two are mixed in layers. The dish is then garnished with coriander or other vegetables.

Much the same way as the biryani meat portion is cooked, qorma is too. However, the ingredients used are a little different. These ingredients tend to be stronger in taste, and it must be remembered that qormas are not consumed with rice. Usually, chapatti goes best with it.


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