Like all other cuisines, Punjabi cuisine also has its share of beverages. However, there is one particular beverage known to Punjabi cuisine, and that is known as Lassi. This drink is primarily made of curd and milk. The two are mixed together in such a way that they blend in with each other. They are mixed and blended together for a significant period of time. The result of this is a paste-like drink that is refreshing. In the summers, this drink is particularly popular in other princes of Pakistan as well because its benefits are also well known. It is thought that salt mixed with this drink is extremely good because it helps people regain their lost salt through perspiration. In addition to this, it is rich in protein, which is a bodybuilding substance. In Punjab, many people who are health conscious believe that this drink is essential for gaining weight.

The apparatus for making this beverage consists of a vessel in which the milk and curd are poured, and a long stick with its blending end particularly designed to mix the two. The person mixing the milk and curd keeps on rolling this stick back and fourth until the desired liquid is produced.

The material from which this apparatus is made is usually wood. However, you may find them made of stainless steel as well. Wood is considered to be the better of the two materials for making lassi because it helps to produce a better flavor. Stainless steel is lassi makers are used commercially because they are more durable and also easier to keep clean.

Other beverages that are common in Punjab include juices. These may be of different kinds, and are usually made from fruits. Sometimes, fruits are mixed together to produce a particular flavor.

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