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Punjabi cuisine indeed does have a great deal to offer those who are serious about food. Ranging from light foods to heavy foods, there is a great deal for one to choose. However, there is a great deal of heavy foods compared to the quantity of lighter foods in Punjabi cuisine, but all are very delicious.

Like several other cuisines, Punjabi cuisine also has common components. One of these components of the cuisine is its appetizer. Punjabi cuisine appetizers are different to others. Its appetizers are quite tasty and some are spicy.

One of the appetizers that you will find in Punjabi cuisine is the short beefsteak. This is served in a small amount in order to indicate that it is just an appetizer and not the main course. In addition to the beefsteak there is the stick rolls. These are toasted and consist of chicken or beef pieces with fresh vegetables on them.

Depending on the hosts, the appetizers are arranged. Some hosts who present Punjabi cuisine may not even provide appetizers and go directly to the main course. However, it is common for light beverages to be served. This may consist of tea and samossas to accompany the tea. Also, crisp salty biscuits are common.

In addition to the traditional things that are served in Punjabi cuisine, there are the non-traditional items served as well. In functions, it is common for hosts to serve chips and other salted biscuits. Sometimes, sweet biscuits are served too.

Generally, appetizers are good to have before a main course, and several hosts adhere to this. However, some hosts do without it, and go directly to the main course in Punjabi cuisine.

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