There are not many traditional salads that you will find in the Puerto Rican cuisine. Puerto Rico Cooking is an art. The salads that are found in the cuisine of Puerto Rico are not very complex and not difficult to make either. Most of the salads hardly require any cooking, but that depends on what kind of a salad you are making. Many salads in the cuisine of Puerto Rico use fresh fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients in their salads. Many times boiled cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, fish etc are used in the salads as well. The salads are easy to prepare and are great to serve along side the main course meal. The salads in the Puerto Rican cuisine can also be served as appetizers as well as snacks, for the nutritious value in the Puerto Rican is great, and if you are health conscious then having these salads are great. It is best to serve the salads from the cuisine of Puerto Rico in the traditional utensils that are common in Puerto Rico.

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