In the traditional manner of the Puerto Rican style, the lunch and the dinner commonly begin with sizzling hot and spicy appetizers such as bacalaitos, which are scrumptious crunchy cod friterrs. Surullitos, is another appetizers that is very popular in the region as well as the cuisine of Puerto Rico. This appetizer is a sweet plump cornmeal fingers. Empanadillas, are also very famous appetizers in the cuisine of Puerto Rico. Crescent shaped turnovers that are mostly filled with lobster, crab, conch or beef is what empanadillas is made up of. The appetizers in the cuisine of Puerto Rico make up the osho mwal meal to be complete. Without the scrumptious appetizers that are generally served at lunch and dinner, the entire meal becomes incomplete. The preparation method of these unique and delectable appetizers from the cuisine of Puerto Rico is extremely trouble free and do not need any special tact. Make sure that you have the right ingredients and utensils as well as equipment that are necessary to make your mouth watering appetizers from the cuisine of Puerto Rico.

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