The sautéed or grilled steak ("bife à Portuguesa") is served throughout the whole country. Just as popular is the kebab ("espetadas"), marinated in wine and garlic. Mutton ("carneiro") or lamb ("borrego") can be either stewed ("ensopado") or marinated in spices and then baked. Pork meat is another favorite of the Portuguese meat dish cuisine. Try a tasty carne de porco a alentejana, which includes ingredients such as marinated pork meat with red peppers, with a unique and delicious assortment of clams. Ieitão assado refers to roasted piglet meat, a favorite in all international and local Portuguese restaurants. The sausages are excellent and you can delight with the smoked ham ("presunto") and the smoked pork sausages like the "paio" and the "salpicão". Tripas à moda do Porto is another amazing Portuguese meat dish – it contains tasty ingredients such as sausage, smoked ham, dried beans, onions, smoked pork sausage. Regardless of the type of meal, hot or cold, salty or sour, meat is almost always included in the menu.

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