The variety of Polish soup recipes is simply amazing, however, many of them are just known on a local level and cannot be considered representative for the whole territory of Poland. Here are a few Polish soups that have made it beyond Poland’s borders and can be found in many restaurants all over the world.

  • Żurek – this rosół soup is creamy and consistent and it is often seen as a main course by some Polish families
  • Czernina – this soup is made with duck blood – an original and interesting flavor that some people love
  • Rosół z Kury - chicken soup with added vegetables
  • Zupa Grzybowa – a mushroom soup which traditionally uses Polish mushrooms
  • Flaki - pork tripe stew, can also be made with beef
  • Żur - rye flour soup
  • Barszcz - Beetroot Soup
  • Zupa Ogórkowa - salted cucumbers and pork meat are used as the primary ingredients of this sour soup
  • Chłodnik – sour milk and beet leaves are accompanied by radishes and chopped fresh dill (other vegetables may also be added).

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