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Here are some of the most popular Persian appetizers:

  • Maast-o-Khiar: made with yogurt, cucumber, onions, mint, salt, and pepper
  • Naan-o-Paneer-o-Sabzi: Iranian thin bread, feta cheese, and herbs
  • Kashk-e Baadenjaan: made with eggplants, kashk (thick whey), mint, and onions
  • Haleem Baadenjaan: with eggplants, kashk (thick whey), meat, mint, and onions
  • Borani Esfanaaj: fried spinach with yogurt, onions, and garlic
  • Nargesi Esfanaaj: fried spinach with eggs and onions
  • KooKoo-yeh Baadenjaan: with eggplants, eggs, onions, and saffron
  • Salad-e Olovieh: made with chicken, eggs, peas, carrots, dill-pickles, potatoes, and lime juice
  • Pooreh-yeh Esfanaaj: with spinach, milk and butter
  • Naaz Khaatoon: with eggplants, tomatoes, pomegranate juice, sour grape juice, and marjoram
  • Ghalieh Esfanaaj: with ground meat, split-peas, lentils, spinach, mint and kashk (thick whey)
  • Khaviar: caviar with onion, lime juice, butter, and parsley.

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