Snacks are served daily in Papua New Guinea. The most common snacks are fruits such as a wide variety of banana, water melon, pawpaw, mango or pineapples or a handful of boiled (unroasted) peanuts. A filling snack made with sago, bananas and coconut cream: Saksak or Sweet Sago dumpling is often wrapped in banana leaves. Parcels of boiled rice are served in the same manner - wrapped in a nest of banana leaves. These are also served for lunch or for dinner. There are also numerous salads and sweets consumed as snacks such as Kaima Bona Gatoi, Talautu, Kaukau, Roasted Breadfruit, Stuffed Papaya, Wild Greens, Sesame Green Beans and Pad Thai. In urban areas there is an increasing demand for western-style fast foods notably fried chicken and highly saturated french fries.

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