Papua New Guinea is very varied in its cuisine. The traditional cuisine is heavy on exotic fruits like pineapples, pawpaw, mangos, passion fruit, bananas, avocado and it is based on crops like taro, kau kau, yams and sago. In Papua New Guinea, fish and seafood are very important in their cuisine. Pork meat is generally served for important feasts. Papua New Guinea is very varied and abundant in ingredients. People in Papua New Guinea have three main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner which they respect and fallow and of course snacks, desserts and beverages are also consumed daily. A traditional Papuan dish is mumu made with pork, sweet potatoes, rice and greens. Most dishes are cooked in a local under ground oven called mumu as their national dish. The vegetables are wrapped in herbs and leaves and cooked on hot stones and the meat is placed in the bottom of the oven. In the Papuan cuisine you may find European, Chinese and Indonesian influences.


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