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Vegetarian dishes are very important in NWFP cuisine, as cuisines can only be complete when they have all the necessary portions in them. Other important portions in a cuisine include desserts and beverages, and vegetarian meals cannot be left out. Though there may be few vegetarians in the NWFP region, these dishes are considered to be important even if they are present in a very small number.

Aside from the bigger dishes, there are the simpler ones like roti, subzi, dal, and rice. At times this food is considered to be a common man’s food. However, they are a real treat and are consumed by all. Sometimes, vegetarian dishes may be elaborate, but their nutrition is said to be the same no matter which method is employed. These meals have a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals in them. Since vegetable dishes are not over cooked, their nutrients are not wasted away. This is why vegetarian dishes cannot be omitted from any cuisine.

NWFP cuisine like other cuisine cannot omit vegetarian dishes, and they certainly would not want to remove nutritious and delicious meals that have long been a part of their cuisine.

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