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The smaller components in a cuisine, like soups, are integral. In NWFP cuisine, soups are significant too. Though they may a great deal of them at a banquet, but they are certainly popularly known. People often make use of soups as appetizers.

Through a boiling process, a mixture blends well, and this is applied to meat or vegetables to produce a paste. In the boiling process, there is little wastage, and the nutrients are retained in the final product. Usually lamb is the specialty used in soups. However, beef chicken and vegetables are also quite common. Mixtures of these are also good to taste and widely used.

Blended soups are great to taste, but some soups may be decorated with chopped fresh vegetables. Some soups are also made to taste light and may even be used as appetizers.

In some soups, corn flour may be added to thicken the soup. The thicker a soup is, the heavier it becomes, and you fuller. To use a soup as an appetizer, you need to keep it as light as possible.

It also must be asserted that soups may be consumed for improving your health. This is because of the nutrients that are present in them. In NWFP cuisine, soups are of a wide variety, ands they are delightful and strengthening.

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