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Snacks are important as main course meals in any cuisine, and this is because you are not always ready to sit down and have a grand meal. Snacks are a great help in any cuisine when you need to try out small versions of the larger meals. Also, there are different dishes that are not found in main course meals. The best of these dishes are the kabas, as NWFP cuisine is well known for them.

Kababs that you will commonly find include: Seekh Kebab, which is served on a skewer; Shami Kebab, which is a short skewer of beef. They tend to be softer than seekh kabobs. Chapli Kebab; these are deliciously spicy, and are a specialty of a Peshawar. Chicken Kebab, which is popularly found with bones and without bones.

Aside from these kababs, there are lamb Kebabs and shishleek. Shishleek is lamb chops that have been well marinated.

As far as having unique dishes, ones like kachoris and pakoras are popular. These make interesting snacks. In addition to these, there are snacks like kababs that are also well loved as snacks. These are convenient and may be consumed conveniently, as they can be carried around. This means that that they can be taken when you go.

In addition to these snacks, roti may also be consumed with curry or sabzi, and this makes a great snack too.

In NWFP cuisine, it is important to have snacks in order to have a complete cuisine. There are wide ranges of foods in this cuisine, and there is no shortage of snacks in NWFP cuisine.

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