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NWFP is a rich region when it comes to salads, as there is everything available in this region. NWFP salads are believed to be of several kinds. In NWFP cuisine, there is great of emphasis on salads, and this is because salads are most important to making a meal more delightful. They provide an extra special crunch that is vital to making a meal more enthralling.

In salads, vegetables are nutritious. Different combinations of them in salads produce different advantages. NWFP cuisine is mainly concerned with taste and delight.

There are also other such as the green salad. These are obviously ones that only have green vegetables in it. Aside from these, there are ones like kachumber salads that may be mixtures of finely sliced vegetables.

Vegetables that may be used in salads include cucumber, onion, tomato, chilies, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, lemons, and beetroot. Salads may be flavored with pepper and salt or any other seasoning that you like.

You may also have curd-based salads that are of various kinds. Often, curd may be consumed on its own, and this is because curd is wholesome and tastes great with nearly all dishes in NWFP cuisine. Curd van be mixed with a number of vegetables and spices to produce a crunch. This tastes great along with your main course meal. In NWFP cuisine, salads are included at a banquet or grand meal.

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