Depending on what dish you want to make, a recipe will be. However, in NWFP cuisine, the processes of cooking are not intricate. You need to follow instructions in order to make a dish taste the way it does in NWFP cuisine. An example of a simple recipe follows, and demonstrates the Bukhara style of cooking in the NWFP cuisine.

Steps for preparation include:

First, make sure you wash the lentils and then soak them for 2-3 hours in water. Next, boil the lentils in an abundant quantity of water till they soften. You may mash them to make them into a paste. Then, add in the tomatoes, garlic paste, red chili powder, ginger paste, and the butter. You may add salt according to the taste you need. Cook the mixture till it looks like a soup. Once the mixture has been cooked, you may add cream to it and mix it well. The final step includes garnishing it with a considerable amount of butter. This dish is served best with naan (tandoor flatbread) or even plain boiled rice.

There, your dish of Daal Bhukhara is ready, and is your first NWFP cuisine that is simple and delicious.


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