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In most cuisines, there are generally meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. Though there may be a difference in the balance between the two types of dishes, with vegetarian dishes being in fewer numbers, both will still be present in most cuisines. In NWFP cuisine, this is the case, as there are several meat dishes and vegetarian dishes too.

Meat dishes in Awadhi cuisine are most delicious. Perhaps, the most outstanding of these is the Nahari Gosht. It tastes great and is usually made from lamb shanks. To cook this dish, a boiling process is most important to it. This dish is said to melt in your mouth because it is boiled well and softened.

Various other dishes cooked from lamb, beef and chicken are also well known. However, even the kababs made in NWFP cuisine is believed to be among the best. They are also of considerable variety, such as: Seekh Kebab, Chapli Kebab, Chicken Kebab and Shami Kebab.

In the NWFP banquet, meats of all kinds are used; mutton, chicken and fish. Having meat in a meal is considered to be a sign of hospitality. This does not mean that there isn’t any vegetarian dishes because you will find at least two of them in addition to other meals at a banquet. With this additional variety, NWFP cuisine has a wide range.

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