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NWFP cuisine has delicious treats, and it cannot be complete without its traditional drinks. Beverages available in NWFP cuisine are thought to be very important, and no cuisine can be complete without having an adequate number of beverages. NWFP cuisine is one cuisine that has sufficient beverages in it.

Beverages are considered to be important to any main course meal, and in NWFP cuisine, it has the same importance. These beverages help to wash down your meal. Particularly after consuming heavy meals, you need beverages, and great tasting ones are important to balance out with the meal.

In NWFP cuisine, tea and coffee are popular. Lassi might also be consumed at times too, as it is a very cooling drink. Lassi is made from curd and rose essence. This drink may be made in different flavors as well.

Sherbat is more popular and considered to be more important than lassi. Sherbat may be prepared using lemonade and milk with crushed almonds. Sherbat is always served cold. Also, sherbets may be made from juices of fruits. These would include: juices squeezed from melons, pomegranates, apples, and mangoes. Certainly, all the beverages in NWFP cuisine make up a delightful portion of it.

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