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Appetizers are important in any cuisine. This is because they help to steadily bring you in to a main course meal in cuisines such as the NWFP cuisine. Appetizers are important in order to mellow down your appetite a bit before a meal when you are ravenously hungry. Small dishes are considered to be appetizers at an NWFP banquet. These tantalize and stimulate you when you are hungry.

In NWFP cuisine, preparing appetizers is an important process. Chefs apply the same principles to cook appetizers as they do when they cook main course meals. Without doubt, NWFP cuisine prepares some of the best and most delicious appetizers.

All the ingredients added are important, and since they are given so much importance the foods produced have great taste. Some of the best appetizers are the kababs. These may even be snacks, but are certainly a main part of main course meals. Some of these kabas include: Seekh Kebab, Chapli Kebab, Chicken Kebab and Shami Kebab.

As appetizers you ma use the solid foods like kababs or you could even introduce soups, These soups are of a wide variety, and some of them can be made light so they act as typical appetizers. Indeed, using soups as appetizers is a good idea because they are nutritious and are not harsh to start off a meal with. NWFP cuisine has the advantage of using soups as appetizers, and they may be used as separate whole nutritious meals.

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