Probably one of the most known vegetable in Guinea are the hot peppers of any kind either they are green, black or chilli peppers. This are used in any kind of dish like soups, stews, desserts, snacks or appetizers. The hot peppers were brought to Guinea by the Europeans in the early 16th century and became ever since the main ingredient in any food. Nowadays this vegetable can be found in all parts of the country because Guinea has a favorable climate and perfect soil for growing it. Besides the hot peppers a large variety of vegetables can be found in Guinea like cassava, amaranth, jute, okra, shallots or sweet potatoes. Cassava is a tropical, shrubby, perennial plant and can be found in two forms: the bitter and the sweet types. Usually the bitter types are used to the production of Fufu a special Guinea dishes. The vegetable known as amaranth has many species. Some of them are cultivated for their seeds, while others are grown for their edible green. In areas with high temperatures this plant grows fast. Jute is a plant that is imported in Guinea for its good tasting greens, and it’s cooked by mixing with other vegetables in salads. A plant that can be easily found all over Guinea is okra. This vegetable, better said its fruit, is used to cook the famous okra soup, which can be served with Fu-fu.

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