Used generally as a starter in an everyday meal, Guinea soups are made combining special and traditional ingredients. Soups are very famous in Guinea cuisine for their refreshing and cooling effects. Here are just few of the most common soups you can expect to find in any household while visiting Guinea: Peanut soup, Vegetarian Guinea soup or the Curried Chicken-Banana soup. Made with onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomato juice and cayenne the peanut soup it is very stodgy and spicy having a slightly nutty taste. For an exquisite taste and for emphasizing the flavor, this soup should also be made with scallions or chives and of course a lot of chilli peppers. The Vegetarian soup is a light dish made with roasted peanuts, vegetable oil, drained chick-peas, sweet potatoes, diced tomatoes and vegetable broth. Besides this entire one should never forget to add the special ingredients: chilli peppers and black peppers. Curried chicken-banana soup is a dish that combines all kinds of flavors being in the same time sweet, spicy, aromatic and very succulent. It is made with chicken meat, curry powders, bananas, and a lot of onion and garlic and red chilli paper. For a better taste one can always add some grated coconut.

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