Guinea cooking methods are very complex. People from this part of Africa are big consumers of snacks either they are served in between meals or they supplant a main course. The most important snack food in Guinea is the plantains since they can be found easily everywhere. There are many methods of cooking plantains either you grill boil or fry them making them like chips. Also very consumed in Guinea as snacks are taro root chips with a strong salty and spicy taste. When you decide in having a specific Guinea snack you must take into consideration all the aspects, especially that they can get really spicy. Snacks made with meat can sometimes easily replace a meal because they are very stodgy. Mainly chicken meat and fish are more used in cooking snacks. A large variety of Guinea snacks are simply made only with exotic fruits and vegetables and garnished with different types of sauces. This kind of snacks can easily be taken as desserts.

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