In antiquity the main occupation for the Guinea people was hunting. This might be the perfect explanation for the great usage nowadays of meat dishes either they are made with fish meat or beef and chicken. Farmers learned how to grow animals and use them either to work the fields or as staples in cooking. One of the most consumed meat dishes in Guinea is called Yassa a dish made with chicken. Apparently, this main course it can be done really easy and implies using lemon juice, onions, red pepper, peanut oil and white wine for flavor. Another dish famous in this part of Africa is the groundnut stew. It is a light dish made with also with chicken and sweet potatoes, vegetable oil, garlic cloves, onion, eggplant, peanut butter and tomato juice. For more flavor one can always add some cayenne, zucchini and a lot of hot pepper. Guinea people imported from Nigeria a more complex dish called Jollof Rice. This dish can be made in many different ways but usually the most common ingredients should be tomatoes and tomatoes paste, rice, salt, onion and unfailing the red pepper. To all this ingredients any kind of meat can be added either is pork, chicken or beef.

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