Guinea cuisine is a unique combination of tastes and flavors. Using traditional vegetables and fruits dishes made here have exquisite tastes and is cooked in many different ways. Guinea cuisine is very rich cooking with chili peppers. The most used “hot” ingredient is Scotch Bonnets and the so-called pilli pilli peppers. Apparently Guinea people use them so often for their cooling effects. When one eats Guinea spicy food it would be better for him to swallow the food without chewing it because of the pungent taste. Specific for Guinea are the dishes made with fish which can be either boiled with vegetables obtaining this way a light dish, or fried with chicken meat cooking a juicy stew. A hallmark for the Guinea cuisine is starch filler dishes. A characteristic food today in Guinea is cornmeal mush and batter made from corn or Mealine how it is called in Africa.


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