As in any culture, the cuisine of Guinea uses a great combination of fruits, meat, milk and grains, products that can be easily found on the locally market. As appetizers Guinea people use light dishes made either with fish or fruits and vegetable. Okra, or so called “lady’s finger” in the Indian cuisine, is a vegetable often used for the preparation of appetizers. This vegetable was brought from the United States during the African trade slave period. Known for the unique flavor this vegetable can be used in different types of dishes. It can be steamed until tender, fried with batter made from cornmeal boiled with other vegetables or meat or it can be just stir-fried. A specific Guinea dish used as an appetizer is made with avocado stuffed with smoked fish. This appetizer is made, besides avocado, with eggs, milk, fresh lime juice, olive oil, smoked whitefish and a lot of black pepper for an exquisite taste. In the end it can b garnished with cilantro and chopped parsley.

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