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The most famous traditional Nepalese soups are the dal and the alu tama. Dal is also called dal bhat and translated as lentil soup with boiled rice. This soup is prepared with red lentils, minced fresh ginger, fresh green chili, both sugar and salt, tamarind, any kind of vegetable oil, black mustard seeds and other spices and the rice is cooked separately. Another lentil soup is the sambar, with fresh veggies and tomatoes and the muligatawny soup is a lentil soup which also contains chicken and chicken broth. The Alu tama is translated as the potato with bamboo shoot, which can be both a thick soup and a stew. This is prepared with bamboo shoots, regular potatoes, black-eyed peas, onions, red chilies, cumin and chili powder, garlic, ginger and turmeric, chicken or vegetable broth, yoghurt and tomatoes. Motuk soup is prepared with Tibetan chicken dumplings, Tibetan herbs and roasted garlic. The noodle soups: thupka, kathmandu, spicy shrimp noodle soup and mulligatawny are loved by the Nepalese people

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