Snacks are similar to appetizers in the Nepalese cuisine. The momo or the momocha, consists of dumplings with minced meat (the traditional one includes buffalo), which is steamed or fried. Other meat snacks are the samay baji, which includes smoked fish, roasted meat with rice, black soybeans and ginger and the sekuwa (with mutton, duck, chicken, boar or buff). A dessert and a snack at the same time is the sel, made of rice flour. A vegetarian meal, also consumed as a snack is the alu tama, a salad of potatoes and bamboo. Soups can also be snacks, when they are eaten between meals: the takhala is made of meat soup and it is served cold. The wo and the bara are famous snacks and appetizers, made of lentils with meat or egg toppings. The most complex snack is the chatamari, which resembles to the Italian pizza or the Indian dosa, as it also has dough with a minced meat topping.

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