The salads of the Nepalese cuisine are usually made with fresh greens, vegetables and sometimes chicken and dressing. The simplest salad is the side garden salad, made only of fresh greens. More complicated, there is the pala wale salad contains spinach, toasted soybean, garlic and ginger, which is traditional for the Nepalese cuisine. The Buddha salad is prepared with fresh tofu and lettuce, wild greens, cucumbers and tomatoes, carrots and a special dressing with raitha or sesame. The New Delhi salad also contains meat (tandori chicken breast), besides lettuce and other veggies, plus the same dressing. Another meat salad is the tandoori shrimp one, with grilled shrimp and greens. Potatoes are bases for another type of Nepalese salads: the alo achar and the spicy sesame potato salad. Alo achar is made with sesame seeds, garlic cloves, green chili peppers, and cilantro, mustard and fenugreek seeds. The spicy salad has as ingredients: new potatoes, peanuts, sesame powder, lemons, chili, butter and coriander.

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