The meat dishes are specialized on lamb, buffalo, goat, seafood and chicken. Lamb is prepared in various ways: marinated, grilled, and stewed or as a steak. The lamb is associated with various vegetables, such as the onions, tomatoes, with seeds, like mustard and turmeric and flavored with chilly and pepper. Some of the famous lamb dishes are: gorkhali lamb (grilled lamb sautéed in chili sauce), lamb sekuwa, lamb meatballs, lamb tarkari or lamb with cauliflower and peas. Chicken is cooked with veggies, simply grilled or creamy with various spices. the most loved checked meals are chicken bhutuwa, chicken eggplant, chicken sekuwa and jwanu, zucchini and chicken shrimp kabab sekuwa. Seafood and fish resume to shrimps, cooked as gorkhali, bhutuwa, sekuwa and chwyela shrimp and to fish (trout). Other meat dishes include minced meat as a topping for dough recipes or for chwela wala, laa achar, lah wo lapi, and choo la and meat thupka.

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