There are copious traditional Mughlai recipes found in the cuisine of Pakistan, each of them being as varied as the region and its people. There are many scrumptious meat dishes and vegetable dishes in the Mughlai cuisine of Pakistan. The desserts and beverages in the Mughlai cuisine of Pakistan are the toppers of the category. You will find many of the Mughlai Pakistani recipes to a certain extent spicy, made with the premium of all delicacies. There is an assortment of recipes for different kinds of rice cooking, parathas, kebabs, barbequed chicken, fish and lamb meat. The recipes that you will find in the Mughlai cuisine of Pakistan will quite bear a resemblance to from those found in the Turkish, Afghani and Iranian cuisines and there will not be any pork meat used in any of the recipes as pork meat is prohibited in Islam which is the main religion of Pakistan. There are many mouth savoring Mughlai vegetable recipes, soup recipes and many recipes to delightful appetizers which will definitely nip your hunger right where it aches in the stomach!


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