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Most Pakistani meals end with fresh fruit—mangoes, watermelons and so on. The Mughlai desserts in the cuisine of Pakistan are usually kept for special occasions, such as weddings or religious festivals. Sweets play a very import part in the lives of all Pakistani people, and any excuse to eat these delicious Mughlai Pakistani concoctions. All good news is herald with sweets, so for example to announce the birth of a child or an engagement, the famous laddos (small gram flour droplets that are deep fried and then steeped in syrup and shaped into balls) are distributed to relatives and friends. Sweets are commonly eaten during tea gatherings as well. Most of the Mughlai Pakistani sweets and desserts are fairly complicated and time consuming to make and in fact, work out far more expensive when made at home than if bought from sweet shops—methai wallahs as known in Pakistan. Some of the simpler sweet recipies as well as puddings from the Mughlai cuisine of Pakistan will delight any palate. Most of the Mughlai Pakistani sweets are milk based and tend to be very sweet. In some recipes the milk is first turned into paneer (soft cheese) and then deep fried in ghee before being steeped or boiled in syrup, as with gulab jamuns. Almonds and pistachios are important ingredients in the Mughlai Pakistani cuisine and are especially used in decorating the desserts. Rose water, cardamom seeds, and saffron are more than often used in the Mughlai dessert dishes.

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