The Mozambican cuisine contains some traditional meat free dishes such as the “Matapa”, “Mucapata” or the Vegetable curry. The Mozambican Vegetable Stew is a great vegetarian dish made of one large onion, one Swiss chard bunch, Garbanzo beans or chick-peas, raisins, rice, two yams, fresh tomatoes, one garlic glove, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. The onion, the garlic and the white stems need to be fried. Next step is to add the chopped greens and let them fry a bit too. The yams need to be peeled or scrubbed with a vegetable brush and sliced into thin slices. The garbanzos, raisins, yams, tomatoes, salt and pepper are also added and cooked for about five minutes. The rice needs to be cooked for about a half an hour. The Tabasco sauce is added in the end. Another interesting Mozambican dish is the Vegetarian Stew made of peeled Kohlrabies, Bulgur wheat, chopped onions, dark or golden raisins, peeled sweet potatoes, grounded coriander, grounded turmeric, sliced zucchini, grounded cinnamon, fresh tomatoes, grounded ginger, grounded cumin, water and Garbanzo beans. All these ingredients need to be mixed into a large saucepan. The ingredients are boiled for about five minutes and then simmered for around a half an hour until the vegetables become tender. The kohlrabi can be replaced with parsnips.

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