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The Mozambican cuisine offers several delicious snacks such as the “Shamuhimi”, which are meat pasties, the “Risoyeshi”, pasties filled with shrimp paste, the Mozambican Prawns or the traditional “Matata”. The main ingredients used in preparing the Mozambican Prawns are: cayenne peppers, fresh habanera peppers, lime juice, canned coconut milk, fresh cilantro, salt, sugar, soy sauce, peanut oil, “Piri piri” hot sauce and large size prawns. The prawns are grilled over an open fire and prepared with a garlicky butter. The Mozambican Prawns can be served with oven fried potatoes and greens salad. The Mozambican “Matata”, or the Clam and Peanut Stew is made of chopped onions, olive oil, canned chopped clams, chopped peanuts, two tomatoes, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper, fresh spinach leaves or pumpkin leaves, white rice and boiling water. The Mozambican “Matata” has no Portuguese culinary influences. The chopped onions are fried for a couple of minutes in olive oil. Next step is to add the chopped clams, the peanuts, the tomatoes cut into small cubes, the salt and the pepper. All these ingredients are simmered for about a half an hour. Next step is to add the spinach or the pumpkin leaves. The white rice is cooked separately in boiling salted water until it becomes tender.

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