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The Mozambican Peanut Balls, called “Almondegas de Amendoim” are a great appetizer made of raw peanuts, finely grated carrots, grated onion, beaten eggs, two cups of bread crumbs, two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce and one tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley leaves. For the sauce preparation the main ingredients are: two cups of tomato sauce, two tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves, two tablespoons of corn flour or finely ground cornmeal and one tablespoon “Piri piri” hot sauce or two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce. The oven has to be preheated. The peanuts need to be grind to a powder. The remaining peanut ball ingredients are mixed together and shaped into small balls. For the sauce all the ingredients are mixed together. The peanut balls need to be placed in a baking dish and the sauce needs to be poured over them. Next step is to bake the balls for about a half an hour. When ready, the Peanut Balls can be served with toothpicks. The Avocado Salad is another delicious Mozambican appetizer when served separately. The Mozambican “Salada Pera de Abacate” is made of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and lemon dressing. The lemon dressing is made of lemon juice and olive oil.

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